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PS4_COD_AW_FC_Ep64_CRP_TDM_Chemical_warfare 0

Fragcamp Ep64: COD AW – Biochemical Warfare Tips on Bio Lab Map (Advanced Warfare CRP TDM)

In Fragcamp Episode 64, I show you how to still succeed with bad aiming, using cover effectively, and some tips on biochemical warfare on the Bio Lab multiplayer map. This is the Combat Readiness...

COD_MW3_Soldier_Running_with_SCAR-L_Resistance 0

Fragcamp Ep48: TDM on Resistance – Learning Through Theater Mode (COD Modern Warfare 3)

In Fragcamp Episode 48, I’m back to give you more insight into playing live Team Deathmatch on the Resistance multiplayer map in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 using the Theater Mode playback feature....