The Other Side of Self - Phoenix Genesis Promo Album

Phoenix Genesis – The Other Side of Self (Promo Music Album)


The Other Side of Self is the first album by music artist Phoenix Genesis. It is a short album available for digital download from our website. There are 6 tracks in the genre Electronic. Great summer beach music now on sale for 99 cents only. Use winzip, winrar, or 7-zip to extract the album with the 6 mp3 320K music tracks and the front and back cover art in 400px.

Product Description

Here is our first product in the new Phoenix Genesis Online Store. It is a demo album I created electronically back in 2008. It is entitled Phoenix Genesis – The Other Side of Self. My friend Joe Bravo and his dad transferred my music video to 320K mp3 format. I added the metatags in iTunes.The composer is listed as Des Manttari, myself.

For the album cover, I used my Canon pocket digital camera to record a silhouette of a surfer down near the Venice Beach – Santa Monica area of the Pacific Ocean. I used a digital zoom to make the set of waves more compressed as well as shooting at sunset to have a more monochrome feel to the image. I then used GIMP to added the text, tracklists, copyrights, and to paste the Phoenix Genesis trademarked flame icon logo to our digital product. The copyrights are listed as 2008 and 2014, the first because this is when I created the album and artwork, but it was in 2014 that it is first published via interstate commerce worldwide.

Since the album was intended to be more of a demo and not a full album, it is rather short. Additionally, because this is our first product available in our new store, we’re offering a nice big fat summer sale price of NINETY-NINE CENTS for a limited time. So, if you feel guilty about all those illegal music downloads you’ve done over the years, now’s your time to redeem yourself. The 99 cent sale helps to feed my Service Dog Ray and our three cats; Merlin, Harley Jr. and Suki. And as the album cover suggests, this is a nice listen on your iPod or mobile phone while you’re getting your California Dreamin’ Summer Beach Bum vibe going on. Are you ready to go to the other side? Take the plunge now, download the album and remember to use winzip, winrar, or z-zip to extract your mp3 files and front and back cover art. Enjoy the music.

Album: The Other Side of Self

Artist: Phoenix Genesis

Composer: Des Manttari


1. Wilderness

2. Baby I Luv You

3. Breath Drone

4. Wind Chimes

5. Rhode Bells

6. Dream Piano

– Des Manttari, Editor-in-Chief, Phoenix Genesis

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