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COD_AW_Ranked_Play_Uplink_Terrace_Map 0

Fragcamp Ep62: COD AW Ranked Playlist – Uplink Competitive Gameplay on Terrace Map

In Fragcamp Episode 62, I show you some Uplink gameplay on the map Terrace. This is a ranked competitive playlist for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. I really never played Uplink before, so it’s...

Xdestructor defeats Michael Evans producer of ultra street fighter 4 at E3 2014 0

Ultra Street Fighter IV Tournament E3 2014 – Xdestructor Victory Over Capcom Producer Michael Evans

Larry “Xdestructor” Rosales really busted out the combos for Phoenix Genesis during the Capcom Video Game Tournament at E3 Expo 2014. Playing as Ryu (on the left of the screen), Xdestructor (on the right)...