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COD AW Exo-Survival Retreat 0

Fragcamp Ep66: COD AW Exo Survival Solo – Dogs & Drones on Retreat (Advanced Warfare)

In Fragcamp Episode 66, I show you how to survive alone in solo mode rounds 2-6 of Exo Survival for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Round 2 are your basic enemies, which are fairly...

PS4_COD_AW_FC_Ep64_CRP_TDM_Chemical_warfare 0

Fragcamp Ep64: COD AW – Biochemical Warfare Tips on Bio Lab Map (Advanced Warfare CRP TDM)

In Fragcamp Episode 64, I show you how to still succeed with bad aiming, using cover effectively, and some tips on biochemical warfare on the Bio Lab multiplayer map. This is the Combat Readiness...

COD_AW_Ranked_Play_Uplink_Terrace_Map 0

Fragcamp Ep62: COD AW Ranked Playlist – Uplink Competitive Gameplay on Terrace Map

In Fragcamp Episode 62, I show you some Uplink gameplay on the map Terrace. This is a ranked competitive playlist for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. I really never played Uplink before, so it’s...