Smart Phone Cameras – Does Size Really Matter?

  • IMG_0228
    Merlin examines the I LOVE CATS kitten mat.
  • HIP_401679517.829969
    Ray hates wearing his e-collar.
  • HIP_401679540.235180
    Late afternoon sun on benches.
  • HIP_401679557.910421
    Urban fountain in Glendale, CA
  • HIP_401679583.542979
    Working with setting sun flare.
  • IMG_0089
    It's all about perspective.
  • IMG_0106
    Car lights add a nice touch of red.
  • IMG_0120
    Suki taking a cat nap.
  • IMG_0147
    Merlin got a very bad summer haircut.
  • IMG_0207
    Cool Spongebob Nightlight.


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