(Santa Monica Community College District Overview)
The High Price of Litigation   [See: LIST OF SMC LAWSUITS]
SMC Engages in Hostile Costly Litigation
SMC's lawsuits are a sad testament to its unwillingness to adhere to our rights. SMC has violated free speech clauses, due process, faculty contracts, and other state and federal laws, including those against harassment and discrimination. SMC's litigation machine is well-oiled by several large law firms that bill out at hundreds of dollars an hour, some for decades on end. How much does all this litigation ultimately cost the taxpayer? Read More ...  [TOP]
A Demand for Fiscal and Moral Accountability   [Go to: MISSION STATEMENT]
We the People
As a public institution, Santa Monica College must be both fiscally and morally accountable to its people. The college must disclose its records under the California Public Records Act and its must keep its meetings open under the Ralph M. Brown Act. However, SMC has done neither as it continues to retaliate against those who wish to hold it accountable. The Los Angeles District Attorney has recently cited the college for violations of the Brown Act. Read More ...  [TOP]
Santa Monica College's Police Misconduct   [Go to: NEWS COVERAGE]
SMCPD Officer Mike Champagne
The SMCPD, acting in tandem with campus disciplinary Judith Penchansky and Chief of Police Eileen Miller, has been cited by the 2004 accreditation board for its unjustified high rate of overbroad and ambiguous disruptive student charges. SMC has refused to disclose the public records. Campus officers no longer serve and protect the students, but intimidate and harass them. See how SMC student Jeff Higley's rights were violated. Read More ...  [TOP]

Judith Penchansky's and SMCPD's Abuse of Power   [Go to: SMEAR CAMPAIGN]
Judith Penchansky and handcuffed student
This is not the first or last time SMCPD Officer Michael Champagne has been used as Judith Penchansky's hand puppet to intimidate students she wishes to wrongly eradicate from the campus. As we've seen in the video footage, Champagne threatened SMC student Jeff Higley with arrest for his videotaping attempts. The SMCPD-Office of Judicial Affairs tag team of harassment has gone on for several years as is evident in the three distinct incidents against three SMC students. Read More ...  [TOP]
SMC Fiscal and Enrollment Recovery Problems   [Go to: A.S. LAWSUIT]
SMC and Humpty Dumpty
SMC has been plagued for many years with intertwined fiscal and enrollment recovery problems. According to the SMC Board of Trustees Minutes for September 13, 2006, enrollment is down by 3.5 percent compared to Fall 2005. Back in 1998, when student elected representatives of SMC's Associated Students started delving into the finances of the school, the administration retaliated by using the SMCPD to wrongfully arrest them. SMC still uses its campus police to this day to silence critics. Read More ...  [TOP]
SMC Conceals Vital Public Records   [Go to: NEW CPRA LAWSUIT]
Willie Malone Performing Greased Lightning
SMC has used every stonewalling tactic under the sun to prevent disclosure of vital public records under the California Public Records Act from campus police intimidation to endless delays. On August 2006, SMCPD officer Willie Malone blatantly stated: "They're not complying with the law right now." SMC fiscal employee Pat Green informed students to "turn your asses around now and get out or I call the police." What is SMC hiding? Read More ...  [TOP]

Sexual Assault on the SMC Campus   [Go to: Prof. Javelosa's Underage MySpace Friends]
SMC Professor Lynne Boylan
In 1981, SMC Physical Science Professor Donald V. Cockburn admitted to sexually assaulting 18 year-old Duria Suncar on her job interview with him. Cockburn allegedly had a history of sexual misconduct that was described as "fortified by abundant uncontradicted evidence." Even Cockburn admitted his behavior was "deplorable." Instead of immediately firing Cockburn, SMC employed an outside psychologist to "rehabilitate" him. The California Appellate Court was appalled, ruling Cockburn's termination was justified. Read More ...  [TOP]

Santa Monica College's Anti-Semitism   [Go to: FREE SPEECH PARODY]
SMC White Power Club Parody
Anti-Semitism is a problem that has been rampant throughout history. SMC used all kinds of underhanded anti-semitic tactics to prevent me as a Jewish student from finishing my Holocaust project, from attempted arrest, harassment, discrimination, and a mock disciplinary hearing on Holocaust Remembrance Day. While all this transpired, Jim Keeshen was living it up with his Nazi paraphernalia shopping spree on eBay. Read More ...  [TOP]

SMC Game Club Exposed   [Go to: GAME CLUB BRIEF HISTORY]
Brian Puschell on MySpace
SMC Game Club member Brian Puschell stated in his MySpace account: "I kill [virtual] people for fun." Was he planning to take his violence to a new dangerous level when he advocated throwing a military coup against the SMC Associated Students? The Gaming Club tells a shocking tale of sexual discrimination, violence, and potential identity theft of students' information. Why were faculty advisors David Javelosa and Howard Stahl failing to monitor this campus club? Read More ...  [TOP]

SMC Professor Jim Keeshen's Hate Speech Against the Disabled   [Go to: THREATS]
SMC Animation Professor Jim Keeshen
On March 1, 2006, SMC Professor Jim Keeshen made a hate speech to his students, claiming that autism is a "mental disease." He also threatened to retaliate against any students, including having them kicked out of school, if they spoke out against him. One of his students was disabled. People with disabilities are in a protected class that is not to be discriminated against. To this date, the school has done nothing to reprimand Professor Keeshen nor to apologize for his inappopriate and malicious comments. Read More ...  [TOP]
SMC's Suspension of Disbelief   [Go to: WRONGFUL SUSPENSION DATABASE]
Santa Monica College
Santa Monica College has used every conceivable means to prevent disclosure of public records and to silence my criticism of its lack of accountability on my SAVE SMC blog. I have endured harassment, campus police intimidation, extortion, and a massive smear campaign. I was suspended for two entire years without any due process and in violation of SMC's policies, the California Education Code and the U.S. Constitution. Read More ...  [TOP]
SMC's Sand Bucket Mentality   [Go to: CSEA COMPLAINT]
SMC Board of Trustee Margaret Quinones
The Joint Respect and Professionalism Task Force Committee accused SMC's management of having a sand bucket mentality. Under "what needs to change" topics include the following: employee morale, ethical violations, favoritism, vindictive managers, and ego adjustment of managers. Management allegedly recruited departmental "spies", threatened staff's jobs, and treated staff as if they were second and third class citizens. Read More ...  [TOP]
SMC Faculty March and Rally   [Go to: CSEA SURVEY COMMENTS]
SMC Board of Trustee Margaret Quinones
Armed with bullhorns, picket signs, and whistles, the Santa Monica College faculty cried their slogan: A Fair Contract Now. Faculty Association President, Lantz Simpson, stated that they has not seen a new contract for over twenty months. Mr. Simpson added that the contract issues should have been "settled over a year ago," but that the Board of Trustees "sat on their hands." For over a year and a half, SMC has "refused" to settle this contract. Read More ...  [TOP]
SMC Re-arranges Deck Chairs on the Titanic   [Go to: UNFAIR LABOR PRACTICES]
Robert Sammis Living It Up
SMC has experienced a mass exodus of administrators, including the swift and silent departure of Vice-President of Planning and Development, Robert Sammis. Both the Classified Senate and the SMC Faculty Association constantly criticized Sammis for allegedly unfair labor practices and were pleased with his dismissal from the college. Sammis also had a history of stonewalling compliance with the California Public Records Act. Read More ...  [TOP]
Springtime for Penchansky and SMC   [Go to: OUR YouTube VIDEOS PAGE]
Democracy Not Hypocrisy
Known as the Honor Code, AR 4412 would allow an Honor Council to have unlimited and unchecked powers to discipline and potentially suspend and expel students found in violation of the slightest infraction. Dean Judith Penchansky would have an army of law firms at her disposal, yet you, as a student, would not be afforded any legal representation whatsoever. The Honor Council proceedings would be held in secret and would deny the accused student basic due process under the law. Watch our YouTube video. Read More ...  [TOP]
Former SMC President Piedad Robertson's Paid Propaganda   [Go to: DISCLOSURES]
Former SMC President Piedad Robertson
Margaret Quiñones, then Chair of the SMC Board of Trustees, would also owe former SMC President Piedad Robertson a word or two of praise. After all, Robertson contributed to Quiñones' 2004 Board of Trustees re-election campaign. Richard J. Riordan, the California Secretary of Education, would also have to praise Robertson in order to justify her appointment to his special advisory team. Of course, Quiñones rewards Robertson's campaign contributions with Riordan by giving Robertson a $25,000 salary increase. Read More ...  [TOP]
Education Means Business   [Go to: Quinones Campaign Contributions PART 1 or PART 2]
SMC student protestor with EDUCATION written across his forehead
Dr. Susan Aminoff, SMC Board of Trustees Vice-Chair, claims that the board was merely a "rubber stamp for the administration" and that then SMC President Piedad Robertson "gave faculty a rough ride." Robertson's position as secretary of education under Richard Riordan allowed her to expand her "anti-faculty posture" on a statewide level. SMC Board Member Margaret Quinones opposed Aminoff as she was funded by Robertson and other SMC administrators as her campaign contributions reveal. Read More ...  [TOP]

State Controller Catches SMC's Hands in Cookie Jar   [Go to: AUDIT REPORT]
SMC Slapped By State Controller
The Division of Audits for the State Controller's Office revealed that SMC had claimed $364,407 for its mandated Health Fee Elimination Program. The audit disclosed that the entire amount is unallowable, because the district claimed unallowable costs and understated revenue. The State paid the district $31,295, which the district should return. The audit disclosed non-compliance of mandated cost accounting procedures to Thomas J. Donner. Read More ...  [TOP]
Bundy Campus Environmental Impact Concerns   [Go to: BUNDY EIR REPORT]
SMC Bundy Campus Exterior View
SMCCD issued a Notice of Preparation of a Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for its satellite Bundy Campus. According to the SMC CEQA Initial Study Checklist, the following areas of concern, which were rated as a potentially significant impact, include air quality, aesthetics, hazards and hazardous materials, hydrology/water quality, noise, public services, transportation/circulation, utilities, and neighborhood effects. Read More ...  [TOP]
SMC's Downward Spiral
SMCFA President Lantz Simpson writes: "The college has failed to return its enrollment back to the level of 2003. This means the college has permanently contracted with a $2 million net loss in state revenue for next year. This also means that the college teeters on the edge of a death spiral of funding cuts, lay offs, and further enrollment drops. Only a massive transfusion of more equalization money or a brand new funding system can save SMC now." Meanwhile, $3 million in funds are allegedly being hidden. Read More ...  [TOP]
SMC Foundation Robs Peter to Pay Paul   [Go to: NEPOTISM IN HIRING]
Renzo with Hoffman and Franzen
Renzo Zecchetto Architects received $1,526,562 for its work in the Madison Theater Project, spearheaded by Dale Franzen, using SMC alumnus Dustin Hoffman as SMC's mouthpiece. All this was paid out through the Santa Monica College Foundation, of which Zeccetto was a member of its President's Circle. Why did SMC cut its Architecture program, claiming it had no money, while exorbinantly bankrolling its golden child of architecture? Read More ...  [TOP]
The Governator: Judgment Day at SMC   [Go to: GOLDEN DREAM BY THE SEA]
Arnold Schwarzenegger at SMC 2005 Graduation
As California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger pumped "$6 billion more dollars into the state treasury," will he now be able to pump fiscal accountability, enrollment recovery, and a climate of trust and mutual respect back into the SMC community? Will those answers be forthcoming from SMC's alumnus or will the college suffer Judgment Day under the former Terminator's hands? Read the Governator's 2005 SMC commencement speech. Read More ...  [TOP]
Santa Monica College Sex Scandals   [Go to: PART 1 or PART 2]
David Javelosa Flaunting Himself on the AET Website
David Javelosa is a full-time professor of interactive media at Santa Monica College's Academy of Entertainment and Technology. He used the school's server to upload secret webpages of himself, his son, and his new age music, clogging up both bandwidth and space. Under the assumed name of David Microwave, he advertised himself and his site to his underaged friends on MySpace. Does this 52 year-old man have no shame? Read More ...  [TOP]

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The SAVE SMC Blog and Website are not affiliated with nor endorsed by Santa Monica College. Des Manttari is a current student at SMC's Academy of Entertainment and Technology (AET), studying video game development and animation. She has been a teaching assistant for the AET courses: Storytelling and History of Animation. Ms. Mantttari was a former legal publisher and paralegal for many years.

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"In contrast, Santa Monica and West Valley-Mission are districts that have not worked cooperatively with faculty to get through these stressful times. Both districts met the challenge of the mid-year cuts with the same slash and burn approach taken by Contra Costa. Both were threatened with a loss of base student enrollment that ultimately results in a loss of base funding. Santa Monica faculty launched an all out campaign in opposition to President Piedad Robertson’s plan to gut the district’s vocational programs.

Piedad Robertson with Richard Riordan

She later gained statewide influence as a member of Governor Schwarzenegger’s transition team, and many feared that her ill-conceived policies might infect the entire system. Her unexpected resignation to take an out-of-state consulting job may, in the end, turn out to ensure the district’s salvation as it scrambles to regain lost enrollment. Although it looks like the district will come up short of full enrollment restoration, there is a greater sense of optimism at Santa Monica thanks to both the change of administration and the Faculty Association’s success in helping to elect two new trustees."

-- California Community College Independents (CCCI), Volume 14, Number 1 (Spring 2005)

"Under the polite heading of "misrepresentation," but as part of a general pattern of "Failure to Bargain in Good Faith", the Administration has been sending out incorrect information directly to faculty members, under the heading of 'Negotiations Updates.' Both Piedad Robertson and Robert Sammis have written documents that contain falsifications, and state positions that are OPPOSITE to the positions presented at the bargaining table. Eventually, the Faculty Association will probably prevail in the Unfair charges...but the PERB decision will come too late to undo the damage caused in these negotiations. (Note: PERB in Massachusetts decided in favor of the union when similar charges were filed against Piedad Robertson while she was Education czar there-but the decision came out after she'd already been hired by SMC.)"

-- Professor Teri Bernstein,
SMC Faculty Association Bulletin
(November 1998)

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"Those of you who tend to believe everything you read may wish to peruse a copy of 'Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics' by Michael Wheeler."

-- Peter B. Geltner, SMC Dean of Institutional Research [The Standard Deviant: Edition 2, January 16, 1998]

"Dr. Robertson, you have blackmailed and extorted the students of [SMC] into funding your questionably legal account. You have threatened the students of this college with severe vindictive retaliation if we do what I believe is right and stop giving you a blank check to wine and dine employees of the district and buy yourself future favors with the money of starving students. Before I let you use another cent of the student's money, I want legal advice about your actions surrounding this account."

-- Ryan Flegal, President, SMC Associated Students [Letter to SMC President Piedad Robertson, December 10, 1997]

"The unbridled creation of new Administrative and consulting positions (many of which have been filled by Friends of Piedad) is the multi-million dollar problem!"

-- Teri Bernstein, SMC Professor [SMCFA FAB]

"I graduated from Santa Monica College with my AA degree on June 12. ... The whole event was rather depressing, and a portent of things to come."

-- Anonymous [June 19, 2001]

"We have an autocracy which runs this university. ... There is a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can't take part; you can't even passively take part, and you've got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you've got to make it stop. And you've got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it, that unless you're free, the machine will be prevented from working at all!"

-- Mario Savio's Famous Speech [UC Berkeley Sit-In, December 3, 1964] Free Speech Movement Demonstration

"It would be nice if we could look to our colleges and universities as the bearers of progress, but at this rate it seems an unlikely prospect. If we are to truly promote an atmosphere of intellectual openness, respectful political debate and the free flow of ideas on campus, then we must stem the tide of thuggery, bullying and intolerance that threatens to subsume future generations. Otherwise, we cede the day to mob rule. "

-- Cinnamon Stillwell [Mob Rule on College Campuses, November 29, 2006]
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