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Photo of Jim Keeshen

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The Day of the Dead


James Keeshen, director, animation, 22 minutes (USA, 2006). The film tells the story of how Max, a small child living in LA, finds out the true meaning of El Día de Los Muertos and reconnects with his Latino heritage thanks to his Mexican grandmother Lucía. On Halloween night, Max and his friends visit Grandma Lucía's house, where she tells them about the celebration of the Day of The Dead and the Aztec cultural traditions. Lucía had set up an ofrenda in her living-room to honor her recently deceased husband, Dionisio. She tells the children the story about Grandpa's beloved pet iguana, Pancho, who was buried in the family cemetery back in Mexico. Her fantastic stories bring Max closer to the Latino cultural traditions, and ultimately helps him to understand the importance of El Día de Los Muertos.

Key Documents:

James Keeshen Productions
California Business License

Jim Keeshen reeled in $83,000 of the taxpayers money
Studio Animatics Total From SMC

Jim Keeshen Secret Studio Animatics Contract with SMC
Secret Animatics Contract

Jim Keeshen Animatics Contract with SMC with signature
Signed Animatics Contract

Jim Keeshen Productions using AET for its address
Wrongfully Using AET's Address

Jim Keeshen Productions Clients and Projects
Jim Keeshen Productions Client List

Who benefited from the creation of these vocational programs at AET? Perhaps Rhythm & Hues benefited in that it's Houdini 3D animation software was plugged at the Academy. And of course Jim Keeshen always seems to benefit himself financially at the expense of the public. Rhythm & Hues was a client of Jim Keeshen Productions, Inc. What did Keeshen's company produce? None other than a Colgate 3D commercial, proving Keeshen's theory that "commercials pay the freight."

    Jim Keeshen Productions - click on an image to go to that article

    James "Jim" Keeshen is a full-time professor of Animation at Santa Monica College's Academy of Entertainment and Technology (AET). Keeshen allegedly made AET into his own digital playground, using entertainment industry partners, faculty and students for his various personal projects (see list on left) and for his own financial gain under his company, Jim Keeshen Productions. He obtained federal and district taxpayers' dollars through secret consultant contracts with SMC under the fictitious names Animatics and Studio Animatics.

    While at SMC, Keeshen allegedly infringed on copyrights, filed falsified tax information to the IRS, and used AET industry partners to secure a questionable sabbatical with Klasky Csupo as well as a Colgate 3D commercial with Rhythm & Hues, providing both companies with kickbacks in the process.

    He produced the animated short Monkey Love. He sued Seth MacFarlane and Fox after producing the Family Guy pilot episode for them. His current animation project is The Day of the Dead (a.k.a., El Dia de Los Muertos), which is now being shown at various film festivals both locally and worldwide.


    Family Guy Scandal and Lawsuit   [Go to: FAMILY GUY DATABASE]

    Family Guy Lawsuit

    In spring 2006, Jim Keeshen published online in his ET2 Storytelling course syllabus that he both produced and directed the Family Guy pilot pitch. The credits to the pilot clearly state that it was "created, written & directed by Seth MacFarlane." To make matters worse, Keeshen passed out copies of the Family guy scripts, calling them a "piece of shit." And Jim Keeshen did all of this after he sued Seth MacFarlane and Fox Broadcasting Company. Read More ...

    Who Really Drew Jim Keeshen's "Day of the Dead"?   [Go to: DOD ART]

    A Screenshot of Pancho in Day of the Dead

    Like Patrick Sullivan in the Felix the Cat scandal, Keeshen did not draw the character of Max or any of the characters in his film. He took the credit while conversely employing many talented artists, such as Cecilia Aranovich and Jonathan Caustrita. In fact, Caustrita's storyboard artwork and character designs show the creation of Pancho, the iguana (see photo on left), who journeys from Mexico to East Los Angeles. Read More ...

    Who Created Jim Keeshen's DangerWorld?   [Go to: 2003 PROMO]

    NIC Dangerworld Robot

    In the brochure for NIC Entertainment, John Petrovitz shows two images for DangerWorld. Nowhere does Petrovitz credit Jim Keeshen for the DangerWorld project. Yet Keeshen put out a Dangerworld promotional package in 2003. There is no authorship given for the story or the artwork. So, did Keeshen go behind his friend's back and appropriate the DangerWorld project as his own self-promotional work? Read More ...

    Love Me Tender

    As AET Chairman, Jim Keeshen had hired a number of professors to work on his Day of the Dead animated film, including, but not limited to Jan Nagel (marketing), Lea Milic (production), Diana Coco-Russell (background artwork), and Dave Fontana. On August 2005, Keeshen stated: "Right now I'm just using them so that I can finish my film." He was referring to his employer, Santa Monica Community College District. Read More ...

    Super Sue: The Shim Sham Redemption   [Go to: SUPER SUE SYNOPSIS]

    Super Sue

    As in Jim Keeshen's DangerWorld packet, there is no authorship given for the text or artwork. Did Keeshen create Super Sue or is this yet another example of Keeshen claiming copyright for work that he did not create? According to my confidential source, Super Sue was created by Bonnie Joseph and Barbara Ziering. Ziering was a supervising animator for Jim Keeshen Productions while Joseph was a production supervisor for the Family Guy pilot pitch! Read More ...

    Monkey Love

    And who was hired at AET when Keeshen was chairman? Was it the qualified industry professions they promised us or Jim Keeshen's friends and former and current employees of Jim Keeshen Productions? Joddy Nicola teaches 2D Animation I, 2D Animation II, and Special Topics in Animation at the Academy. Nicola is also listed as one of the animators in Jim Keeshen Productions' 1995 animated short entitled, "Monkey Love." Read More ...

    Inca Mythology and Quantum Physics   [Go to: JIM KEESHEN'S SALARY]

    Inca Legends

    Antonella Pozzo-Ardizzi came to SMC's Academy of Entertainment & Technology with prior education in the arts, having studied scenic painting in a school in France as well as fashion design in a school in Milano, Italy. How did AET Professor Jim Keeshen benefit from Pozzo-Ardizzi's talent and skills? According to her 3D animation webpage, Keeshen used her on two Jim Keeshen Productions: Quantum Science and Incas Legend. Read More ...

    Dave Fontana and Jim Keeshen Productions   [Go to: KEESHEN'S SABBATICAL]

    Klasky Csupo

    Thanks to the Nickelodeon Halloween ID Dave Fontana did in conjunction with Jim Keeshen, he landed a job with Klasky Csupo in 1995. From 1998 to 2001, Fontana was the Director of two Nickelodeon series, Rugrats and Rocket Power. Not missing a beat, Fontana eased into a teaching position at Santa Monica College in graphic design and storyboards in 2003, the same year that Keeshen allegedly goes on sabbatical with Klasky Csupo! Read More ...


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